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List Description
1kclub [no description available]
AIR_Advisors AIR_Advisors
AIRAdvisors [no description available]
AIRAll [no description available]
AIRAlumni [no description available]
AIRArtists [no description available]
Artists SETI Artists in Residence 2019
ASSET Astrobiology Summer Science Experience For Teachers
ASSET06 ASSET 2006 Listserv
ASSET07 Mailing list for ASSET 2007 participants
Atauser [no description available]
Bernardo For all residents of Bernardo facility
BoT Board of Trustees
BoT-EA Board of Trustees
Branding Branding Committee
Brandingcomm Branding Committee - DELETE
EC Executive Committee
EC-EA Executive Committee with Assistants
Emeritus Emeritus
Europa Europa
ExecComm Executive Committee - DELETE
Execcomm_assts Executive Committee with Assistants - DELETE
Execctee Execctee
Exoplanets Exoplanet Research Group
FDL-SC FDL Steering Committee
Fdl_core FDL Core - DELETE
Financectee Financectee
Fullbot_assts Full Board of Trustees with Assistants - DELETE
Governance [no description available]
Governancecomm Governance Committee - DELETE
Gpi_2 [no description available]
Gpi_all Entire Collaboration
GPI_AO GPI 2.0 AO focus group
Gpi_data Data Analysis & Archiving
Gpi_debris_characterization [no description available]
Gpi_disks Debris Disk Survey
Gpi_dynamics Dynamics
Gpi_epo GPI: Public Outreach
Gpi_exec GPI: Executive Committee
Gpi_observing GPI: Observing Operations
Gpi_planetmodels GPI: Exoplanet Modeling
Gpi_postdoc GPI: Postdoc
Gpi_sc GPI: SC
Gpi_students [no description available]
Gpi_targets GPI: Targets
Harissa [no description available]
HiCIBaS [no description available]
Informal Informal
Irisao_labview [no description available]
Itops-alerts ITOPS Alerts
James [no description available]
Jaspertenant Jasper Wireless 2nd Floor Tenants -DELETE
Kplus [no description available]
LocalBoT-EA Local Board of Trustees with Assistants
Localbot_assts Local Board of Trustees with Assistants - DELETE
Mars Mars
Nai-team [no description available]
Obs-house-elves Obs-house-elves
Observing Observing
OPUS-users Users of Outer Planets Unified Search (OPUS)
Pds [no description available]
PIs SETI Institute Principal Investigators List
Qag Quantum Astronomy -DELETE
Reu-students REU Students
Reu2020 REU 2020
REUMentors REUMentors
SAB Science Advisory Board
Safety Safety
Science Science
SETI SETI @ SETI Institute
SETI-Backend [no description available]
Seti-team Seti-team
Skimmer [no description available]
SSLNP [no description available]
Summer-Students Non-REU Students/Interns
Surprise Surprise
SVBoT Silicon Valley BoT
TarterAwardComm [no description available]
TeamSETI Team SETI Mailing List
Tiki [no description available]
Trustees SETI Board of Trustees - DELETE
Twitter [no description available]
Twitter_es Twitter_es
URSAmentors URSAmentors
VTT_Teachers VTT_Teachers

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